announces the first deployment of five Gigabit Broadband locations. We have officially switched on our first three locations in Bedfordshire, Bedford, Cranfield and Upper Dean, with another two following this month one in Essex and another in Dartford.

All our locations use a mixture of Fibre and Microwave technology to deliver the last mile connection to the customer. This platform is similar to the Facebook Terragraph delivery but without the FB.  Where possible and viable our lastmile is a direct fibre service to the property from our POP otherwise delivery is via 60Ghz microwave and 5Ghz where required. Our packages simply provide options of 250Mbps / 500Mbps and 1Gbps with the upload capped at 50% of the download. As a provider we take a pragmatic approach to this and also allow other service options on demand.

Underpinning our service is 15 years of delivering high capacity connectivity solutions at BitBahn in many different sectors of the market. a project launched 3 years ago to the cry of relief for broadband provision in the upper stretches of Bedfordshire has been delivering over the air services upto 100Mbps since our first installation in Thurleigh Bedfordshire delivering where others could not.

As a business we are looking at the future and how we grow our foot print from both a community and commercial route within this highly competitive growth market. Our eyes are open and we have a plan of attack that may open the route to 10,000+ potential POP locations to be able to deliver much further and wider.

BitBahn / IQUnity Ltd started trading in 2006 to provide best in class WiFi services at the time connecting customers in mass where others failed, as a business we believe in delivering the correct understructure to facilitate the service requirements fully. When our competitors were using broadband for connectivity, we were using leased lines, when they upgraded to 100Mbps we went to 1Gbps. Today we connect over 1Million end user devices across our various platforms every single month and continue to grow this aspiration daily. Today not only do we show the shoes on the WiFi of Selfridges, up the odds at Hippodrome Casio or provide the capacity for research at Mologic we deliver and provide the best fixed connectivity services to our customers from good old copper broadband to the latest dedicated Fibre optic based services possible, backed by 24x7 support and good old engineering credentials.  

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