Cloud Services

Our infrastructure and experience extended to you.


Cloud Private, Public & Hybrid IAAS

One service, all encompassing.

We offer Public & Hybrid services, delivered on equipment owned and managed by ourselves. Private services are available upon request, as the terminology defines, private clouds can be co-located within our infrastructure, but on the customers own hardware or dedicated hardware to the customer.

All services are based on the requirement of the customer and as such derived from requirements but are designed to fully support the business operation.

We support and maintain a multitude of different infrastructure provision's within our own infrastructure locations:


We host and maintain our public and private Openstack Infrastructure in our own physical hardware and host locations in the UK.


AWS provides a plethora of different services that BitBahn can provide and support. We are also able to integrate the service with our Openstack private and public offerings to enable a true scale out infrastructure.


Microsoft's answer to the Cloud is Azure, we have own own in house instance's for public and private customers. And provide full support on Azure's public infrastructure.

Xen / CloudStack

Cloudstack is a full cloud platform based on xenserver infrastructure, it provides a good low point of entry cost to a micro cloud platform, using the Xen kernel, our engineers, build, design and support private services.


While not a full cloud platform Proxmox infrastructure provides a feature rich virtual infrastructure platform, our engineers, build design and support private services for the you.


As a VMware based partner, we support, maintain and build VMware infrastructure for private solutions.