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Service Providers

Let us handle the technical bit.
Today, Service Providers are all looking at WiFi first and data offload/onload strategies. We believe that the first hurdle for the Service Provider is identifying what’s in it for businesses to offer WiFi. How do you provide a compelling value proposition for business owners that will ultimately support future network expansion needs while driving home benefits for small, medium and enterprise businesses?
Our proposition is always about adding value to the business owner, and we manage customers across multiple verticals including retail, hospitality, leisure, public sector, healthcare and transport. This enables businesses to gain a greater understanding of their visitors and their interests, in order to fuel targeted communications which helps enhance brand loyalty.
We have developed a robust and scalable platform for MNO’s and ISP’s to white label, yielding a high return on investment for guest WiFi solutions. The product is suitable for the small to medium and enterprise market and can easily be integrated into current product sets. Our white labelled service allows you to build your own WiFi hotspot network underpinned with our best in class platform and ongoing product development.
WiFi is high on the agenda as a solution; an important part of a network’s overall consideration of how they will handle capacity moving forwards. Working in an unlicensed spectrum, WiFi can quickly build additional capacity and offers considerable economic advantages over cellular data. This, coupled with the ability to secure small cell sites and increase in-venue capacity, creates a very strong business case.

Example Customers

Key Service Overview

Content Filtering

The filter level is up to the venue or area to decide. We will deal with all unblock requests and updates as part of our fully managed service.

Bandwidth Management

Our highly sophisticated bandwidth control module can control each user or device ensuring that your clients get the bandwidth necessary.

Branded Experience

To compliment your brand, our designers will design a responsive User Experience that each of your guests will see when connecting to the service.

Flexible Connectivity

We combine end device connectivity with data backhaul connectivity we can be a one stop solution from the ground up providing all the requirements.

Extensive auth options

Our platform provides the most extensive list of authentication options including Pay-to-use, free to use, Social Media login, Email and MAC authentication.

Scale out Services

As a hosting and cloud provider, we offer the abilties to scale out service's under one provision.

Analytics and Reports

The data that you collect through our system about your visitors is yours. You can use the data intelligently to benefit both your business and also keep your clients up to date with tailored messaging and information.


Our solution is fully compliant giving you complete peace of mind and collects all the necessary data in line with legislation.