We work across a broad set of sectors and customers.

Here is a flavour of who.

RTP solutions a specialist in telecom solutions outsourced the procurement and management of the WiFi services for their telephony clients. These include Coaching Inns - formerly Bulldog hotels, Snug Bars, Michels and Taylor, Youngs, Cirrus, City Pubs, Urban Pubs, Indigo Pubs to name a few. 
RTP Solutions is a leading supplier of total telecom expense and activity management software solutions. Their investment in Intelligent SAAS and dedicated software services as well as long term strategic telecoms consultancy, means they can deliver innovative and bespoke solutions combined with dedicated service and support to our customers.
Our solution: a Cloud based managed service hosted from our data centre in Thurleigh. As the requirement of each RTP customer is diverse and bespoke, we have provisioned a variety of solutions on our in house platform and the Extreme WING platform to provide all the services in a managed and reliable way, secured guest internet access with content filtering separated and secured from the corporate network provision.
The solution is supported with a 24x7, 4 hour response SLA provided by us.